Welcome to the portal for Veterinary Keyhole Surgery, including laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, and other minimally invasive surgical techniques in all veterinary patients large and small

Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for many procedures in human surgery, yet is still in its infancy in veterinary surgery. Often called "keyhole surgery" in the lay press it is also referred to as minimally invasive surgery, endosurgery, or videosurgery (see the glossary). In the United Kingdom it is estimated that less than 1% of suitable veterinary procedures are performed by minimally invasive surgical techniques. 

This websites function is to act as a portal of information for both veterinary surgeons and animal owners, on everything to do with laparoscopic surgery in all species of animals, from pet dogs and cats, to even zoo animals and wildlife. There are hidden sub-menus to all the menu links on the right of this page, including a list of veterinary practices offering laparoscopic neutering of companion animals.

We have also linked the site to the much shorter URL VetLapSurg.com which is much shorter to type, allowing rapid access to the website


Minimally invasive surgery is not just about small wounds. Correctly applied, minimally invasive surgery techniques results in safer, visual surgery, with lower risks, and excellent outcomes. Small wounds are not the ultimate aim, but a benifit - the real aim is safer surgery with better outcomes.

This internet portal is dynamic - we will continue to add videos, pictures, references, and descriptions of techniques for both veterinary surgeons and animal owners, useful downloads and information, answer commonly asked questions, and a whole host of training resources, from step by step guides to procedures and techniques, to recomended equipment lists, as well as new developments in the human field, and how these may be applied to veterinary surgery. Do check back regularly. 

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Wildlife Surgery International (WSI) is a charitable outreach program to provide specialist keyhole surgery instruments, equipment, and expertise  to wildlife and conservation charities, to allow them to treat animals in the most minimally invasive and humane manner available. The initiative also helps provide basic surgical instruments and surgery information to wildlife projects in the field internationally. If you would like to help by contributing, donating surgical instruments to a field project, or sponsoring a procedure, find out more here